Intensive Support Programme

Care to Sail has developed a trauma-informed, unique programme which has been designed to support the young people most at risk within our society. We will aim to support care-experienced young people going through challenging times such as recently being taken into local authority care or at risk of going into care. Although our target is care-experienced young people, we will also be working with vulnerable and disadvantaged young people generally. 

The whole concept of this service is to provide the right support, at the right time, with the right people. We provide structured voyages which are designed to support the young people with whatever challenges they are currently facing. This may be mental health orientated, where we will focus on improving their mood or working with them on their anxiety, or it could be more lifestyle focussed, such as working on their personal hygiene or cooking skills. The young person to adult ratio will be greatly increased compared to normal sailing voyages. These voyages will be run with one or two young people as required.

We are determined to change the lives of those who have experienced the care system through sail training

Who do we work with?

Care to Sail specifically aims to support young people who fall into one of the following categories below;

  • Young people in local authority care

  • Young people in pupil referral units

  • Pupil Referral Units

  • Young offenders

  • Homeless young people

  • Young people at risk of offending

  • Young people with acute mental health issues

  • Young people who are at risk of exclusion from education

  • Young people who are not engaging with social workers and other agencies


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