Global Challenge

Care to Sail will provide a unique Long-Term Engagement Programme, culminating in a Global Challenge. In July 2023, a group of 12 young people will sail around the world-the wrong way-against prevailing winds and currents. 

More people have summited Mount Everest than have sailed around the world against the prevailing conditions. 

Circumnavigating the globe remains, to this day, one of the most challenging feats on earth, testing human resilience, endurance, and character. During this adventure, the crew will be numb with cold, faced with 100mph winds that sting as they lumber about the deck, in 150-foot waves. Imagine finding the strength to persevere in these conditions for five weeks at a time; being greeted at three o'clock in the morning by freezing water crashing on top of you, but standing your watch regardless, because the survival and success of your crew relies upon your commitment in the most extraordinary moments. 

That was the reality of the world's toughest yacht race back in early 2000. The Global Challenge from Care to Sail will follow a similar route to this race. 

The Long-Term Engagement Programme offers care-experienced young people:

  • Size - week Global Challenge training programme

  • Three - week sail training programme

  • RYA YachtmasterTM Offshore qualification

  • Additional RYA training

  • Two weeks' work experience in their specialist field

  • At least £1,000 worth of training in their specialist field 

  • Intense psychological support throughout the experience

Every young person will be provided with equal training objectives in order to promote a 100% programme success rate. Our objective is to ensure that every young person is either in training, education or employment within six months of the programme completing.


In addition, we will work with each young person individually to identify a suitable role for which they can train and seek employment (e.g. sail maker, social media, catering etc).


After departing the UK, the Global Challenge will incorporate four stopovers: Uruguay, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa, before returning back to the UK. At each port, the young people will engage with community projects and learn more about the care systems in each host country. 

This is not just about sailing, it's about changing their lives

Who do we work with?

This Long Term Engagement Programme will act as a platform from with to promote the successful outcomes and opportunities of care-experienced young people in sail-training.

It will have an invaluable impact on the lives of the young people we work with and it will inspire the next generation of sailors and advocates for sail training, and the young people in care. 


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